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Thread simple audio problem i think

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Topic simple audio problem i think
hello im just starting out so finding this sight is a god send a big hello to you all ,i do have a problem that i hope sombody could help me with i use cubase sx and when i record on audio track one and then move to audio track two it seems to over record and the only way to solve this it would seem would be to move the first fader down which is no good as i can not hear what i playin against bit weird if anybody has any help would realy and i mean realy be of some help as i am at a stand still creatively.......thanks ...????:rolleyes:
2 inputs... Have you identified if one is the line in while the other is mic in? If your signal chain includes an external mixer, you could use the mixer's tape ins/outs to interface your pc's line inputs and outputs.

i think i have sorted it cheers ,i only have two vst imputs is that all i need ??in 1 in 2
You are recording in "What U Hear" mode. double click on the speaker icon in the system tray. Choose the recording (not playback) mixer and deactivate "What U hear". Make sure only the Line In is activated.