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Thread laptop question?????

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1 laptop question?????
DOSE anyone know much about apple laptops my question is could you buy an normal run of the mill laptop and just upgrade the memory to get it as compatible as those white apple laptops everone keeps talking about they do look nice though i must admit but i find them to be a little to dear just for the colour????:cool:
Below is a link for some of the ways you can bring a PC laptop up to par with an apple (powerbook only, iBooks probably won't do the job):


The bottom line is: Apple powerbooks offer a high line of quality, and they are able to do almost any process/application (video editing, recording, Photoshop) with ease. One cool thing I've found about Apple powerbooks is that click-and-drag applies to EVERYTHING.
However, a PC laptop that you customize with lots of RAM (dual channel provides a boost, but its not nessesary for everyday uses), a fast HDD, a large processor FSB, and a fast processor will be faster than the apple in whatever field you choose to make it excell in. Forexample, if you customized a PC for audio recording, I think it would be faster and better than an Apple at it, but if you tried to manipulate video on that PC, I think the Apple would surpass it. In other words, the Apple Powerbooks are a good all-around computer. If you don't need that, don't buy it, because you can often get a PC laptop cheaper.

the color is a nice touch though ;-D