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Thread Advice needed - replacing Fostex R8 and 812 desk

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1 Advice needed - replacing Fostex R8 and 812 desk

I have been using a Fostex 8 track R8 tape deck and 812 mixing desk for 15 years now. It's old but it works for me. And of course I have gotten used to this way of working. The desk has now developed a fault and I am looking for a replacement desk or perhaps to replace the lot and drag myself kicking and screaming into the digital age. The Alesis HD24 looks like a good recorder but what desk??

The way I like to work is to write drum patterns on an Alesis Sr-16 using Cubase and a bass pattern through Cubase and a VX-2020 then have the sequencer kick it all off so I can play keyboards over the top. Drums and keyboards are recorded in stero so five tracks are being recorded at once. Then I put guitar and / or vocals over the top later then mix it all down.

The problem is I cannot seem to find a desk which will allow me to record like this? The old 812 allows all 8 inputs and all 8 outputs from the tape desk to be in at once, lots of the new desks I am finding only have two or four outputs to the recording unit?

I don't really want to go computer based, or do I want a "workstation".

Buget for the desk around £1000 / $1800.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

hi, can you scan me a copy of the r8's manual? a freind of mine gave me one, but i dont really know hot to operate it... thanks