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Thread Problem with cubase( or maybe with my sound card ?)

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1 Problem with cubase( or maybe with my sound card ?)
hello guys ? sup ?
i have recently bought cubase and i have connect my guitar via Line in to my computer.
My sound card is an AC'97 Chipset onboard 5.1.
well,i dont have problems with the quality of sound.
The only problem i have is that when i try to record a second sound when at the same time i have already recorded another one(if u understand my english) the second one has a delay..mily-seconds.
I have also noticed that the volume meter of cubase doesn't auto-increase when i play..i mean i first play the sound and it increases mily-seconds after..can anyone help me? Cubase have cost me a lot.

Are you using the Asio drivers with your ac'97? You might be forced to get a better soundcard if you can't control the latency of your onboard sound (I have an nforce mobo and it's onboard sound comes with asio drivers - don't use it though, lineins have a high noise floor).

You can also try the asio4all drivers and see if that improves your latency problems.

hello there i kinda have the same problem once i record one track it seem to record some on to the next i cant seem to make the audio tracks compleatly inderpendent what could this be I have noticed that if you have all the audio channels at the same levels there is no delay but thats not realy good music working practice as the mixer needs to be at different levels humm... im some what confused to my sound card is a six channel surround sound is that the problem...i wonder what sound card do u have
sorrie your sound card details are there do apolagise