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New to the forum...



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 07/08/2007 at 11:28:22

I'd like to inroduce myself. My name is Lee and I have recently purchased the Boss BR600. I'm using it mainly to mess around with my own stuff but also for the band i play in.

I have had varied recording experience, mainly in commercial production for radio stations including digital suites & reel-to-reel editing.

I had been playing with cubase but was having troble with latency so I deceided to get involved with the BR 600. I was hoping to buy something that could record multiple inputs which would be ideal for that "as live" recording but with the added tweakability multi-tracking gives. Unfortunatly my budget couldn't stretch that far so went for the BR 600 with only 2 simultanious recording tracks. I did however buy a new Ovation Electro acoustic guitar so decided that the BR600 was a good copromise!

I'm in the middle of selling the house and buying a new one (fun) so will have the home studio set up soon. I'm hoping to utilise Cubase and a midi keyboard and Wave labs for mastering.

I have recorded a few tracks with the 600 but havn't turned out so well. I'm hoping to learn a lot on this forum and looking foreward to applying new recording techniques to my material.

Below is my new toy. Hope to meet you on the boards.


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