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Thread Samo Checking In

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Topic Samo Checking In
Hello. I've posted here a number of times, but haven't gotten around to posting an intro.
Anyway, my name is Sam, I'm 31, and I live in SW Florida, USA. I am a piano/keyboard player since I was 5, and have been using MIDI since I was 11. Most of my MIDI experience has been with hardware (synths, sequencers, drum machines, etc.). It has been just recently that I've been using the PC for MIDI and recording purposes - and there's no turning back now!
Though some of my earlier set-ups were quite comical, I have a good amount of home-recording experience. I am a die-hard audiophile, so my goal is always the highest-quality result possible. I also have some practical live sound experience, too.
My main tools are Nuendo and a classic Yamaha DX7IIFD (19 years in my possession), 1.3GHz AMD PC and an Audigy 2 card.
Please feel free to get in touch. 8)
just saying hello samo
I'm living just across the ocean :lol:
chris pax
Hello, Pax.
My first Trans-Atlantic contact during my Sideband CB Radio days was also a person in Belgium - Gent to be exact. Kind of ironic...
Good to "hear" from you.
just saying hello

i only have a little question for you

What kind of music are you working on? I found really interesting your production method " The real thing" ( with real instruments i mean) I work in vocal trance and techno music and it would be a real pleasure to have a contact who have a really good experinece in keyboard becouse you know that is the real thing for trance..........

in my introducction page you can find a site where you can downlad one of my remix song .... with this song i won a contest in febrary......it would be nice if you hear it. the song was made using FL studio, vst Pro 52 pro 53, waldorf ppg wave 2 (exellent soft synth),and some B4 and for editing and cleaning track for best quality i use sound forge and acid foundry i use both becouse one have apllications that the other dosent.... as you read you know that im only using virtual instruments......
I really liked that track, dude. Especially the cool reverse effect thing you're doing. No wonder you got an award for that one - real nice to listen to.
As far as anything I've been doing lately: it's mostly been production-related. I've arranged MIDI backrounds for singers in my high school talent show (as well as doing my own instrumental rendition of Rush's "Red Sector A" and Faltermeyer's "Axel-F") , and doing some live-sound work locally. My girl's projects are a big focus, too.
Chasing the Perfect Sound is really my direction any more, although a bigger desk and faster PC will lead to some MIDI experimentation in the future.
Check you later, DJAria. Keep in touch.