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Thread Opera and rock, yes please...!

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Topic Opera and rock, yes please...!
almost forgot to introduce myself.

im a guy from norway at the age of 22

I learning to sing opera and have been at it for 2 years now, its not nearly there but its coming its comin...

As a musician I use guitars, piano or organs(have a 1971 yamaha), and then I sing of course...

I can drewl at a Neuman or Røde tube microphone, but i do like to keep things simple... in opposition to most opera stuff...

got myself a Shuttle sn45G(2800XP+,twinmos 512MB,radeon 9600,wd 120GB, maxtor onetouch 160GB) meaning I can move it around to location and with a portable flat screen and a mouse get visual editing possibilities on site. this is what I want to do that is...

looking at getting a Behringer simple mixer and multiinput soundcard and then go ahead and record a projet ive been at for some time...

nice to see so many people interested in this recording business...
just get on with it and let the people hear the music!