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Thread fighting IRQs

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1 fighting IRQs
Dear All

First of all...- my name is stefano alias robopunk... - I live in switzerland (thats why my englsih isnt that smooth :D ) and I love electronic audio-visual art. My ears particulary like drum n base...

While I was searching the web up and down to find a solution on "how to run my Gina 20 Soundcard properly on winXP" I found some pretty interesting postings at "studio at home".

I would like to share the following with you:

If you have the opportunity to enable "APIC ACPI SCI IRQ" do it!! Enabling APIC mode will expand avilable IRQs resources for the system! Since I enabled APIC (Advanced Programmable Interupt Controller) all the issues are solved!

I hope this may solve some issues you are having with winXP.

check this out to avoid mistakes.
the complete explanation on the subject, acpi and apic
chris pax