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Thread A Singer From Finland

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1 A Singer From Finland
Hello I am a singer from Finland, and as you probably know, not many Finnish
bands have made it outside Finland(except maybe HIM and Rasmus). Well guess what... I'm here to change all that. Just go and listen to our demo.
You can find it at: http://www.mikseri.net/malfunction
Waiting for your comments.

I'm not into hardrock myself but I can appreciate the sound.
It's more fun to listen to than AC/DC and as for the voice, I hear a bit paul Mc cartney and sometimes a bit micheal mc donald/ Dooby Bros.
You have a recogniseable voice.
Only the drums, well played though, but the sound in the mix could have been fatter, more body dynamics.
Of course it's a matter of preference.
It doesn't has to come from the USA or the UK! Your songs are there to prove it.
chris pax
tomppa, you guys like soundgarden? and silverchair? 8)

cool tunes
Thanks. This is just a rehersal demo I recorded during one night. Everything is live except the vocals, which I recorded the next day. I do like soundgarden and Alice in chains but the songs are written by the two guitar players and me so we get a lot more than just my own personal view. But if you seriously like our music, tell your friends to go and listen also....