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Thread Hello from commander yo

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Topic Hello from commander yo
Hey all just joined the group. I was searching the web looking for home studio advice and landed here.

I am a multiinstrumentalist hobby musician that has been playing and composing for nearly twenty years. My musical tastes are very broad ranging and my music reflects that. Recently I have decided to make my music available to the public somehow instead of writing and composing stuff only I will hear! Still looking for ways to do that though

Check out my website for samples: http://www.commanderyo.com/samples

I was hoping to pick up some advice about studio upgrades. In particular I need suggestions about a good power AMP or other options to input a heavy crunchy guitar sound directly into my little Mackie mixer (without waking up the wife and kids). Also looking for good drum pads or other ways to enter in cool beats. Will probably get Reason next paycheck as well!

Current studio set up:
Mackie mixer
Alesis S4+ sound module
Roland FP-1 keys
Cubase Vst4.1
Crate Vintage Tube Amp
Carvin guitar
Laravee guitar

Need major upgrades most of this stuff is late ninties!