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Thread Hi! everyone

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1 Hi! everyone
Hi everyone i'm 25 , french and i've been making music with computer for about 2 years now.
Originaly i'm a drumer so take a guess at what type of electro do i do??? :?:

Drum & bass offcourse :!:

I've set my gear in my garage ( knowing that i've got 2 kids and a wife....)
and here is my setup

cpu athlon xp 1800
512 ram
windows xp
soundcard:1 soundblaster ( only for listening to radio and stuff)
1 M audio delta 96/24 (for the real stuff)
softwares: acid pro 4 ,soundforge ,absynth2,fm7,pro53 and trilogy,atmosphere ( recently aquired)
got aswell a Korg ms2000 as a hradware synth and a midi controler
Now for monitoring i have a dj pro1000mk2s stanton helmet an tecnics amp. with 2 5 voices speakers ( the kind you get for living room setups) of a made called siare ( never heard of it before) and crapy mixtable

well thats it

i hope i will learn loads of technics from this forum

ho i forgot i realy recomend a book for learning technics of mixing it's called "the art of mixing" writen by david gibson
Ah, nice to see wome fellow citizens on the board. The french community here is small but growing.