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Thread Starting a small studio

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1 Starting a small studio
Hello I'm thinking abuot starting a recording studio in my house. There are none in the area not even profesional ones. I live on an Island so I thought this would be a great idea.....

I'm thinking abuot going to school and then running the studio as a business....

What equipment would I need to get a basic setup..

right now I'm thinking about haveing a small bidget of around $5000.

I was thinking a computer pentium 4 with a creative audigy 2 platinum sound card.

The proper mics and of course a sound proog room.....

what else would I need to get this small bussiness rolling...

thank you...
I would stay away from Creative cards, especially if you want to use a high end sequencer package. Check out www.turnkey.co.uk for various sound cards, if you plan on recording bands you'll need one with multiple inputs (prob at least 8) to gain seperation for drums etc.

There are various ones that would do the job, a Delta 1010 or the Motu interfaces.

If you plan to use a PC based sequencer package, a console or control surface is not a necessity at first. Just make sure you have a high spec machine to handle the various realtime effects plugins and mixing tasks,
well I have a pentium 4 with a creative sound card it it and it's the illest sound quality you will hear. It's a audigy2. The card is mine but the Pc is my parents (graduating next year). I just wanted to buy the same pc and card so they could keep this one........

Check it out, I think it would do more then get the job done. As of right now I plug my guitar into it and record directly onto the pc with out mics....

it has some usb port, midi ports optical ports and what not, I haven't used it all yeat except most of the recording equipent ...

check it out see what you think.


I was asking what other equipment I could use.....

~thanks for your other reply~
Some decent Hi-fi or dedicated studio monitors should be high up on your list. It really does depend what you plan to use your set up for and the style of music you intend to produce,

I really would recommend a slightly more professional edge sound card, the audigy is designed for gamers really, not musicians.

You said you hope to make it into a small business?
Don't be fooled. Get a Mac - G4 or G5 - and pick up Pro Tools (the M Box is a wonder). You should probably invest in a decent multitrack digital unit as well. But the most important thing you'll need though is high-quality microphones. Garbage in, garbage out. All the technology in the world won't fix a crappy recording.
I definetly agree with iMx about the soundcard thing. you need to get into something that has the input quality in mind as well as the output quality. the type of card you have gets its source directly from the computer most of the time (games and say your winamp). It would be wise to take a look at something that has multiple inputs. Take a look at M-Audio they have good products at good prices.

What your talking about doing here isnt something you just want to throw yourself into. Before you buy anything it would be a good idea to talk to alot of people first.

First you need to figure out what kind of setup you want to go with. Do you want to go pure digital, analog, or a mix of the two.

In my opinion a mix would be the best way to go. I run my mics into my board, then through my rack gear (compressors, EQ.....ect.), then into my soundcard and I use my sequencer to edit and do all of the fancy digital stuff.

Just remember there is alot more to it than you can probably imagine, and you will probably end up spending alot more money on a good setup than you originally figured.

The Basics:
A Different Sound Card
A good Sequencer (Cakewalk, Protools, ect.)
**** GOOD MICS*****
(at least one high quality condensor mic, and a large assortment of dynamic mics, the right mic is key for a good recording)
Studio Monitors (really good speakers and headphones)
Hi All

I've been looking at the Delta 1010 (after Krowms recommendation).. Price looks ok, and seems to get a goo wrap on here.

In regards to sequencing, I'm using Cool Edit Pro.. Any opinions on this software?

PC is a P4 2.6, 1GB RAM.

Thanks guys.
In regards to sequencing, I'm using Cool Edit Pro.. Any opinions on this software?

It depends what you want to do? If you want to make multitrack recording, with perhaps some midi drums or midi synths to preview your song, I think that Stinberg or Cakewalk products are definitivly more adapted ;-)
listen to ambassador and get protools. I just got the 002 control surface with xpc pc... to cool
Hey, I've just become a member, this is my first post. I have a lot of questions, I'll get around to that later. I had a small studio in one room, no soundproofing, an old desk, a 16 bit isis sound card, and a rhode nt1. This was the entire basis for my first go at recording an album, all digital, using logic audio v3. Even had teac speakers(yuk) as monitors.
First, take heed of all the above advice, it's all true. You MUST get a good sound card, with multiple ins and outs, good mikes (I now have an nt2 and a range of other mikes), and above all good monitors. If you've got all the best gear, but can't hear the frequencies and stereo fields, you're wasting all the effort it takes to get a good recording. The only thing I can add, is once you have your setup, get your ears tuned to the monitors and do a lot of experimenting with your own recordings. If you don't know what your doing, people aren't going to pay you for a crap job, and believe me, musos don't go back if they've wasted their money the first time round