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Thread Too much fun!

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1 Too much fun!

I've been involved with bands since the 60's. I'm still doing live sound for festivals and other mostly outdoor and theatre gigs.

Around 1982 I got tired of being in bars all the time and started playing with computer music at home. I had built a PAIA synthesizer and wrote a program to sequence it. In 1985 I bought an Amiga and discovered midi sequencing.

In 2000 I got a Mac and I'm still using sneaker net to transfer midi files from the Amiga 2000. :lol:

Redoing lots of stuff in Reason now.
Hello Sam!

You make me remeber my first Atari 520 with the first Pro24/Steinberg midi editor... 15 years latter, we can notice a kind of revolution in the world of DAW ;-)

Welcome to you pioneer!!! :lol: