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hi there,
i wanted to introduce myself:
i'm a 25 year old Austrian, who started producing hip hop/rap/r&b a few months ago, but i've been dj'ing for about 8 years, and listening to hip hop for about 12 years..

currently i'm using a pc (amd, 512 mb ram, terratec 24/96 soundcard) running fl, cool edit pro, cubase and a few other programs (reload, reloop etc..), but i'll probably be getting a mac within the next few weeks (using pro tools, logic, and whatever you can recommend)

i gained a little experience on using mac, due to the fact that my main rappers (and best friends) cousin owns a small studio here in Vienna and we're able to record there on mac on a professional level.. also we can use it whenever we want to.. that's why i don't need to have much equipment at home ;)

my turns and my mixer setup is by vestax..

musicwise i started playing drums at the age of 9, know a little bit of guitar (dad's been playing for about 40 years, my brother plays alto sax)

currently i'm looking for a good master-midi keyboard, and wanted to ask you, whether you have any good advices on which one to get..