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Thread Hi, I'm new =)

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1 Hi, I'm new =)
So, one major thing about me is that music excites me to the point that I will reveal things about myself in order to learn as much as I can. Even though I am usually kept to myself when it comes to my personal life.

So here comes a schpeil (sp) about me.

I am one of those guys who all his childhood was too lazy and always told he had so much potential (intellectually) but I'd always be lazy and skid by witht he average/barely above average grades instead of having any goal or will to be the best that I could be. I have always loved music, and I have always been musically inclined. I was even in some band programs in middle school and high school. But nothing that ever stuck because I could not stay motivated about playing the clarinet... I was in a small town and I was th eonly male clarinet player, but when I practiced I was the best, bar-none. And when I didn't practice (which was the norm) I just kind of coasting along with the average players.

At some point in HS I thought it uncool to be in the band and so I gave it up and I went on with my life w/o playing. Although I love music and I am very artistic with it I had no way to express myself through it. I went on to college and I coasting along in an engineering program for 2 years before realizing I want to be happy in life... not just make money at something I can do... simply because I *can* do it and not because I want to do it... so I changed majors... 5 times... looking for something I could enjoy and be successful at. I ended up in the school o business... with my charisma and my intillect I could soar in the business world. And though the world of business is semi interesting to me (and was the most interesting thing to me at the time) it's not really want I want ot persue with my life. I am still young, only 23 years old and I don't want to look back at my life and say "I never tried to do anything super."

And then I started to have a revelation, with the help of some of my friends. I should do what I love the one thing I know I love without a doubt. The one thing that I know can keep me motivated, music. So I decided I wanted to start a "rock" band. Even though I can't really play any of the "rock" instruments I could learn. I am an awesome lyricist and I can sing. So I talked with some of my friends who have had some run ins with the music industry to learn some things about th emost effective ways to start a band. But none of my friends really play instruments or share the desire of being in a band. And after a month or two of crusing the local scene and looking for prospects. I decided that I would like to do my own home studia... and produce my own music. At least a first and then try to find a band maybe through a label or some other means after I have a CD or at least a good demo. So that was my goal.

So I started to learn thigns about home studio stuff and MIDI and all the things you need to know. I bought a couple of books and taught myself to play guitar (acoustic). I am not the best... but I don't want to be the best guitarist. I just wanted to have an idea of how to play so when I was producing things I could have the idea. I would call myself a level 1 guitarist.

Then I started looking into learning more about home studio stuff and looking at some of the equipment and how expensive it is... and it is really expensive. I also want to learn the piano/keyboard now... not like guitar I want to be good at piano/keyboard. And I also know that would be a major help in producing my own music. I haven't started on keyboard yet. And I don't have any of the home equipment yet. I still have a lot to learn. But I am ready to soak all of the information up that I can... like a dry towel.

I have a huge capacity to learn and a great deal of talent (singing and lyrically). I've never had this kind of long term motivation that this goal has given me. Most of my goals were never longer than a week or never lasted... this one is going on 6 months and the more I learn the more excited I get...

a friend showed me this board and I am ready to learn from whatever I can so I am gonna start posting and learning here.

I welcome anyone's help about anything. I am a novice. I am nto sure what I need to learn first and/or what I should buy first... although I know a keyboard is probably step one.

So nice to meet any and all of you =)

Feel free to PM me with any tips or suggestions you might have, but if you do please tell me why... I won't just swallow random info for no reason... I need a reason why I should do something first or learn something first... because I'm not a sheep hehe and I want to understand.

Thank you =)
forgive my typos and grammatical mistakes please...

hehe when typing on the internet it's my believe that as long as my msg gets across that's all that matters.... it's all about communication =)