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Thread Hey everyone...

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Topic Hey everyone...
Hey all, I'm a sound guy in Brooklyn, NY. Been at it for a bit now, so if I can help at all let me know. If you're interested, check out some of the stuff I've worked on recently at coppermine.com and let me know what you think. Ummmm not too much more to say, so catch you later.
i got this fuckin great rapper and hes about to get signed with pyscho-logical records and i need to find a program where i can have him rhyme into the mic to beats off a cd and have then record it onto my comp where i can play it
Almost any good recording program can handle that. Your best bet is to import the cd tracks as an aiff or wav file and then import them into your program. I use pro-tools for this sort of thing and route the cd track to a set of headphones that the vocalist can hear while he records.
you know where i can get one of the programs like that off the internet?
yea i planned on saving the music to the program
you should check his cd out when he comes out he rhymes as little monster

I'm not sure where you can get the software, I generally purchase the software because of the fact that to be of any use I need hardware to input the audio. Since the hardware comes with the software, it just makes sense to own it. Also Pro-Tools will usually require a few calls to tech support during the initial setup.
alright whats a good thing to buy to use?