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Thread Master Disaster

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1 Master Disaster
is it me or is it ridiculously hard to fall asleep after doing a mix and/or production that you're really feeling.

i mean, here am i, alone, in my dungeon basement blasting all kinds of projectiles from the muddiest yamahas on the planet and loving every second. so much in fact, that i'm imagining a huge crowd in front of me, all ears tuned in to what i'm about to do next. dancing and listening, paying attention to every beat and nuance like i am.

faces in the crowd with big grins, everyone's cheeks pushed up to the eyes like they're squinting or something. even the resident djs are giving me nods and i'm using every piece of the equipment just to show off.

all this at just 120 bpm. i seriously don't understand how the techno dudes handle it. i guess the problem is that the only person feeding off my energy is me.

here's one of my attempts to spread the word cause i can't fall asleep! i made this mix for my friend's 30th bday party that was this past weekend. the track selection is as random as this email, and they're not new, but they worked for me

http://www.skessions.com/takes/Master_Disaster.zip - 61 min 192 kbps

1. Funkdafied < Faust and Shortee < Stray Records
2. Funk2000 < Cuidad Feliz < Silver Network
3. Saidii < Issaam Houshan < Uknown + So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Oye mix) < Jorgen Paape < !K7
4. Guitar On Fire < Alex Fox < Power Records + Gypsy Returns (Bonus Beats) < Gypsy < Shaboom
5. Bellona < Junior Boys < KIN
6. Run < Air < Astralwerks + Latin Horns Club Beats < Mettle Music < Mettle Music
7. Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) < Sarah Vaughan < Verve
8. Black Sheep < Groove Armada < Tummy Touch
9. Frequent Flier < Cosmic Groove Transmission < Brique Rouge + Bobby's Delhi (Jay's Jumpy Bump
Beats) < Bobby Pharelle and Jay Tripwire < Jamayka
10. Staring At The Sun < Tv On The Radio < Touch And Go
11. Let 'em In < Rene Breitbarth < Triebstoff + Froken Ur < Hakan Libdo < Textone
12. Turn On Tune In Cop Out < Freak Power < 4th & Broadway
13. Small Bird's Got It, Yeah! < LeutOhm < Alpinechic
14. Estremizzando I Relativismi < Tirriddiliu < Nexsound
15. Dear Can < !!! < Touch and Go + Circus Freaks < Corey Wells & Jah Ques < Dufflebag Recordings
16. P U M P (re-Bling by Butch Arley The Junkyard Playa) < ECB vs Natural Rhythm < Peaches
17. Chicago < Claro Intelecto < Ai Records

sorry if this is too much. i'm new here. enjoy.