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Thread Blueprints

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1 Blueprints
This is probably a truly awful idea, but here goes ...

When I'm new to some skill, one way I learn is through imitation. I think I'm as original as the next guy, but as an apprentice I find emulation useful. By being shown exactly how to build THIS box, I learn a lot about making boxes in general.

It would be truly great if we could buy a set of "blueprints" for a recording that we could follow to build a facsimile of a famous song.

For example, take any given Beatles tune. The blueprints would not only give the note for note transcription of what each instument plays, but indicate all the recording, mixing and mastering parameters for that recording. Then we could learn the parts and the arrangement, and, using a strong program like, say, Sonar 3 or 4, add pan, EQ, effects, gain, compression, etc., as well as instrument emulations to approximate what was done in the original. We could choose the right electric guitar, the right amplifier emulation, the exact organ emulation, etc.

It would be like buying a set of plans for a house or a woodworking project. And it would be a terrific learning tool. A lot more focused than the hit or miss postings like "Did they put that guitar through a Leslie?"

Does such a thing exist? Some enterprising entrepreneur could make some money with this idea.

Paul S.
Kind of reminds me of these drawings on which you color the numbered spaces!