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Thread Best guitar distortion and overdrive pedal

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1 Best guitar distortion and overdrive pedal
Which distortion or overdrive SINGLE pedal do you prefer?

My favourite is BOSS metaltone. (I like metel bright sound) :twisted:
The metal zone is almost a cult object. I remember a few years back when I was like 15, everyone had a metal zone.

I do not use distortion units anymore but I have an Axtar distortion. It looks like it has been through several wars. I do not even know this brand!
I heard good things about DigiTech Metal Master X-Series Heavy Metal Distortion Peda too. I'll have to try it.
Zoom's Tri Metal kicks ass for me!
so far I like my marshall distortion... stoped using pedal when jaming.

For recording I use a V-Amp X which I tweaked A LOT, and I mean A LOT because the factored sound setting are awful. With a mixer and the pedal I can come with some viable. Why I don't use the Marshall? :( I have a lot of neighbors
In my opinion the answer is obvious the ibanez tube screamer ts808, ive tried some of the others mentioned here plus some others like the danelectro pepperoni (guitar player pedal of the year) and if u can get an old tubescreamer u wont regret it.
i use th ProCo vintage rat, nice and bluesy
I'm usually an advocate for anything Boss has to make.
Tonebone hot brit is an intense Distorion that will crush any metal pedal out there. Its pricy but well worth it. here is the link


If your wallet lacks the funds, well I fount that the Electro Harmonix pedal called "the metal muff" unbelievable!

YOu are forking out 100 bucks for an amzing pedal.

here is the link as well.


My other disovery is the cooltron Bull Dog from Vox. amazing distortion but a bit pricy for what it is. I rather invest on on the Tonebone hot brit.

also, try out the new Kerry King EQ from Mxr. What a diffrence an EQ could make.

Boss distrotion are heavy but lose bottom when cranked unless you have a great amp. Tone bone sounds good on any amp.
try cusack's screamer fuzz they are truly amazing!!!