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Thread Hi DJ Al Royale here needs a MIDI Doctor!!!

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1 Hi DJ Al Royale here needs a MIDI Doctor!!!
HI:) I am a DJ who has made music in the past but have always used USB keyboards....now I've just bought a Kurzweil PC2X which is the shnitz but I cant get the thing to be a controler in Logic. It plays like a piano and the sounds are really organic the best. I'm running it thru a Midisport 2X2 but just cant get it to work in Logic :o

I am also going digital as I am tired of carrying 3 crates and 1210s to bar gigs. I fany the new Vestax VCI-100 or the VCM-100 but the soundcard in that doesn't look so good. I' also looking at an RME 400 to go wth the VCi-100,....so thats where I'm at!

Any input / heads up appreciated