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Thread another person spending too much time in front of computer screens

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1 another person spending too much time in front of computer screens
Ive been involved in 4 different project studios and built 3 home studio setups. In all that time, looking for good resources on the low end of professional equipment has been one of the more frustrating parts of the process. I've read alot of literature but most of the best of it is geared towards the middle to high end. As much as Id like to be using Neve mixing consoles and all Neumanns, for many of us thats outside of our range of possibilities. Beyond that, the truth is, you can get really great sounds from some of the lower end equipment out there if you know what to buy and how to use it.

So, I decided to try and help out filling that gap by starting a blog, becoming more active in forums, and realizing that I'm willing to stick my foot in my mouth and be wrong a few times in hopes that I might learn something myself.

I spend a good amount of time reading technical books on recording and producing, not to mention the manuals of all the recording equipment I buy... I'm always trying to learn actually what I'm doing instead of flying by the seat of my pants BUT i am recording on a regular basis and doing plenty of "seat of my pants" kind of work. I ran a small record label for a while, and I play in a band called relative when I'm not busy staring into computer screens.

And I talk too much. Blah blah blah.
welcome to this ultra-spammed forum!