Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

Apollo Twin Duo, Thunderbolt audio interface from Universal Audio in the Apollo series.

patmar 02/28/2014

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo : patmar's user review

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I had gone to the RME because I needed 8 In I agreed to question my workflow on the advice of my favorite (Comeback music Lyon) seller who assured me that I be riding in a range of conversion. Having no outboard (not budget) the DSP seemed relevant.

I used Home studio set with Live 8 on MBP and synth (Jomox 999 / Elektron A4 / Pulse / TX81Z / JX3P / MS10 ...)


The drivers are super stable. Latency I went down to 8ms unflinchingly with 2 tracks record and 15 in reading. All in 24bit 88.2.

I can not speak to the ability of DSP because I only used the Legacy Plug supplied gift. Apparently bcp less greedy than the new versions.

Regarding the use of the card (Volumes settings, use the table etc ...) is super smooth and very very simple.


Installation like butter. We plug it on. A SHIFT embarked alone. On reboot the card. The release of the plug is launched. And voila, everything works


I use it for 15 days. Before I had a presonus Firebox and thankfully unlike her is enormous.
What I like most is the increased definition converters. My shots seem much more detailed and dynamics.

It is a bit pricey, considering the plug Legacy provided "gift" (I would have found relevant that at least 610 new result can choose among current plug 3 or 4 longer available.
So I find the value for money a little way without jeopardizing the quality of the card itself.