Fender American Deluxe Telecaster [2003-2010]
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster [2003-2010]

American Deluxe Telecaster [2003-2010], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Deluxe Telecaster series.

kiki34 11/14/2004

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster [2003-2010] : kiki34's user review


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United States montego black 2004 model, super nice! it has the handle type stratocaster so, that is to say finer than a telecaster american standard, it is lighter with a hollow behind to fit the shape of your belly, that must not be bad for big.


It is a joy to have in hand, the chords are no problem access is very intuitive, it is taken in hand very quickly.


Crystal clear sound, the bass is beautiful, the sound of Greenwood of Radiohead, if we add a boss sd-1 you'd think he's playing (a condition to have a good amp, but I tried it on peyve a shit and it sounds anyway).
volume switch on the button that gives apparently slightly + attack and acute: of no interest to me.
3 switch positions, the change of position does not change the attack Tone and volume also change, to handle with care live.
is any, the sound is very precise, no hiding low treble and vice versa: super micros.
I put 9


I just bought a 1599 euros from my cot, I prefer to buy french, you have a 1350 euros or less in Germany, but you choose to be careful for the security, mine is 5 years warranty 300 meters and I do if I have a problem. It will be my guitar bedside. Anyway if you are planning an American telecaster deluxe american telecaster try and compare! I tried 2 and I chose.
I put 10 even if it is a bit expensive but hey, like that avoids these guitars do not hesitate to ay the price if you are not a beginner (if I can get the prices of all the crap, including guitar and low, I bought ...) snif ...