Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012]
Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012]

American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Standard series.

iamqman 08/10/2011

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012] : iamqman's user review

« Solid build and look »

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If you've been playing the guitar for any given length of time you've probably seen or come across the fender telecaster. This is one of the most iconic guitars known to man. It has a special tone and a unique flavor that is only fender but very different from the Fender Stratocaster. Is has a blend of the stratocaster but different sustaining tone than you would normally find any single coil guitar.

I love the way the telecaster sits in the band mix when using a good overdrive pedal or a high gain amplifier. This guitar is one of the most classic looking guitars and you will find. It has the screed tone Sunburst Pete job which blends in matches perfectly with the 50s style guitar that it is.



Alnico V pickups
Deluxe hardware
Solid alder body
Modern C-shaped maple neck with rich, deep neck tint, glossed neck fretboard with satin back and rolled edges
Delta-tone™ no-load circuit
Highly finished frets
Detailed nut work
Bent steel Fender saddles
American Standard Tele® Bridge Plate (steel saddles and brass plate) for improved resonance
Thinner undercoat for improved body resonance
Rosewood or maple fretboard
Staggered machine heads


The tone of this guitar is very surreal and warm. It can come off as thin sounding if you don't know how to dial in your amplifier properly. If you are going for a good solid clean tone then this is one of the most perfect guitars to achieve that sound with. If you've ever used the fender amplifier such as a twin reverb or a deluxe clean Fender than you have probably heard of this guitar voiced to that amplifier. Those amplifiers and this guitar have a special mix and tone that can only be Fender. This guitar mixed with the alder wood and a rosewood fretboard is a common wood combination for a classic guitar. The woods are not very exotic and not very expensive but they had a tone and a residence is all to themselves.


The price of these guitars are very comparable to a low budgeted a musician. You can find these guitars new at just about $1000. That is a great price for someone who wants to get an American built guitar and a classic iconic guitar. I highly recommend every guitarist to try or buy a Fender telecaster at some point. You won't regret the tone and at this price it is a no-brainer.