Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006]
Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006]

American Telecaster HH [2005-2006], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

iamqman 09/12/2011

Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006] : iamqman's user review

« Good clean fun »

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The center telecaster is an exceptional guitar with the great singing sustain any good voicing for most pop rock and country music. This is a cat guitar you grab when you're looking to record or play a nice pop tune or nice rock riffs. This is also the guitar that most country musicians grab when trying to achieve their perfect chicken picking tone.

The Fender telecaster is one of the most easily recognizable body shapes on any guitar that you've ever seen. It's a classic iconic look that appeals to guitarist from every generation. The teachers to single coil pickup's to pick up selector in volume control knob and eight tone control knob. This particular one has a great black paint job with a white pick guard on a maple neck and fretboard. The color combination is a good contrast and really makes the eyes pop when you see it in person.


Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Features:

* Alnico V pickups
Deluxe hardware
Solid alder body (black, 3-color sunburst, candy cola, and blizzard pearl) or ash body (2-color sunburst, natural, crimson red transparent)
Modern C-shaped maple neck with rich, deep neck tint, glossed neck front with satin back and rolled edges
Delta-tone™ no-load circuit
Highly finished frets
Detailed nut work
Bent steel Fender saddles
American Standard Tele® Bridge Plate (steel saddles and brass plate) for improved resonance
Thinner undercoat for improved body resonance
Rosewood or maple fretboard
Staggered machine heads


The tone of the Fender telecaster is a great tone that it's a solid tone for most musical styles. This is not to be in metal players guitar or excel and drop tunings for give you a great tone for country rock and pop music. The pick ups are not that great of pick ups and I'm never been a fan of their pickups even though these are the alnico V pick ups. I would suggest replacing knees with a good Seymour Duncan how to go pick up as I have done in other telecasters that I've owned. This is a great guitar for someone who needs a solid sounding and very resonant and warm tone.

The wood that is used on this guitar is a nice solid alder body with a maple neck and a maple fretboard. This gives the tone a very resonant sharp and lighter tone. It's not to be a very warm tone compared to a mahogany wood but it's can be warm in the sense that it resonates and has a good overall tone for blending in a band makes very well. I like these guitars with any amplifier that you have such as a marshal or a fender amplifier. It sounds exceptional in a clean setting or just a clean amp in general. The neck is very fast and smooth which gives most country players a benefit when they're doing those single note and lead line playing.


At new you can find his guitar show right around a thousand dollars which some exceptional price for American built Fender telecaster guitar. This is a great guitar for any musician learning to play the guitar or a professional musician. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for this particular sound but you can be very different than in Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Stratocaster tone. The voicing in his guitar is very natural inorganic and we'll see most music styles very well.