Fender Classic '50s Telecaster
Fender Classic '50s Telecaster

Classic '50s Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

BertiB 03/17/2005

Fender Classic '50s Telecaster : BertiB's user review


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Version mexico then, bought new in 2002 for € 800. It is white (white blonde they say). This is a reissue of the 50's as the name indicates the color and slightly translucent and deep reveals the wood grain filigree. It is beautiful and enhances the mood Holy buddy, what 50s. Channel crude form of time (flatter than the current TV), two simple microphones, a volume, one tone and a three position selector. no vibrato strings through the body and are accorchées back. Quality of the finish very good.
I do not see why j'mets 8 to let the US more likely :-)


The handle is very nice, large flat, very easy to wander nothing n'accorche the 18th to the first box. The access to the latest boxes is harder because the handle screw fixation gene hand (it's a TV in any case not a shredder guitar ...) or to 9 / 10


For pop, vintage rock blues is great and a fender amp it sounds a hell or 10/10 (on a marshall bof but I do not like the sound marshall matter of taste)

A round very bright and clear with the bridge pickup. The neck pickup gives a warm / smooth (roico what) medium / bass blues perfect for my taste and for solos like David Gilmour. The sustain is very good at his clear, beautiful arpeggios and all the strings ring. there is not much bass on this guitar.

If we're talking, of course saturation is limited because the microphones are simple. Chuck Berry sound up or Gilmour Police perfect sound Satriani or Metallica forget (or buy a pedal?)


I play the guitar for almost 15 years, this is my second guitar. I also have a Rickenbacker. I bought this guitar because it is very complementary of Ricken (have you ever tried a bend on a Ricken ... hello string tension). I use it for solos and arpeggios for sounds brilliant (like police) or low-saturated medium and hot (such Pink Floyd). If I had to buy it back, I'll do it with eyes closed .. and then it's so much more beautiful and less banal than a Start (matter of taste but life is nothing else ...)