Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe

Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

nebs 06/25/2010

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe : nebs's user review

«  as a hard-hitting TV, MUSCL like a gibson »

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- C handle, much easier to play than my strat US.
very fast
- Alder body 2 parts
- Mcaniques vintage that take good agreement
- Grosse fawn round head stratovolcano CBS
- Support 6 bridges very agrables.

This is an ultra rac guitar that adds potato its typical telecaster and especially eliminates interference.
The finish is much better than my Fender Strat US, I love this guitar! I do not play with it and yet I have 7 other guitars!


The handle C is super comfortable, much more than the handle of my strat V, access to desti- nations most recently boxes is super easy.
The guitar is pretty heavy, much more than my Gibson SG but it is a sign of the quality of the wood.
The sound is between a Gibson Les Paul (sleeve) and a telecaster (bridge), the middle position gives its open PRS.
This is a guitar for blues, rock and funk, it is superb in these styles, but is too typ played for the variety. So if you play in the ball rather buy a strat. If you play rock, take the TV 72!


Wide Range pickups (Mountains also by the Fender Custom Shop on some Jazzmaster)
- Add in the neck position a little roundness and depth to the sound of the very incisive telecaster. This results in overdrive sound very rac Santana or Neil Young Harvest period. It is very close to a Gibson Les Paul and more nervous.
- In the middle position, we get a very open sound, ideal for modern jazz, funk or fawn Purple Rain ride. We could compare a Prs example.
- The sound of the bridge pickup in clear channel is typically telecaster slamming and punchy. Saturated channel allows to go very far into saturation without losing precision, it is ideal for playing Hendrix.

Note that the microphones are very powerful and free of pests, which is quite rare for a fender. The potentiomtre is 250 K, we can replace it with a 500k but I did not because I find the perfect sound so I do not want to change anything on it.


In comparison with the TV 72 'strato my standard US ple parat well in terms of sonority (to the point that I no point in me) ... even my gibson SG is less race.
TV 72 is a race car, it makes no concession, either love or you dteste. If you like the sound telecaster, go buy it because the dollar goes up, if you are beginner or play the variety (blah) take a strat 'sound is happening everywhere.

A note that all pieces of the guitar are amricaines, only the assembly is done in Mexico, making it accessible.
Antipode of a guitar with an Ibanez and modern sounds crazy to Wha and fuzz face! It is perfect as an old zippo!