Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe

Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

chucprophet 05/01/2010

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Deluxe : chucprophet's user review

«  most muscle telecaster »

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Factory in Mexico, but nothing to do with the entries of the range of the brand, we are here in presence of a guitar shows 1000 euros (list price) so nothing to envy the usa. I also compare my Start New American Standard (1300 euros), which is almost gadget compare finniton of TV 72 '.
The finish is really on top.
I'm really Enthusiasm for this guitar, incomparable comfort handle, beautiful vintage finish, solid alder body two pieces while telecaser US is in three parts.
Wide Range pickups are those mountains by the custom shop on the Jazzmaster Lee Rinaldo (Sonic Youth)
- The sound palette is impressive one goes from crystal clear sound and powerful fender Blues Gibson fawn.
This is THE BLUES GUITAR par excellence, the oa standard telecaster is limited to the country and funk, deluxe 72 turns to the blues and rock.
I was able to compare the original 1972 when purchasing and well it sounds as good or even better ett finishing sembl widely Suprieure me. In short, for once we fender out a real quality product comptitif a price. 10/10 hands down!


This is very far the best race I've tried Fender it is not as soft V on my strat US, but C has changes everything. It is ideal for rock and blues solos thumb on top. It is ten times better than the handle of a modern TV. I am surprised to read the comments that handle is initially droutant. They are not accustomed to the brand, it has been 20 years since I played Fender and I must say that I am happy to find the handle C, much conforatble the app V (for me, a fender must not be an Ibanez).
The guitar is heavy, but it's the solid alder and it's good because it's always a guarantee of quality (density of wood). Objectively it is heavier than a standard telecaster USA, but all the same has nothing to do with a les paul ...
The shape is super comfortable and beautiful.
For sound, the sound palette is huge ...


I was saying that the sound palette is huge, double wide-range sounds very crystalline, it is a bit like survitamins simple and quiet (no hum). According rglage one can have a round very hoarse gibson fawn or otherwise typical fender slap sounds.
The output level is very lev and microphones have a lot of heat, which is quite rare Fender.
- The neck pickup is very round and powerful, it is very close to a Les Paul.
- Micro Chavalet is hitting like a telecaster standard but with more body and chest is ideal for Stonien riff and well-biting solos.
- The intermediary position offers crystal clear sound typical fender but parasite-free.
To sum up this guitar will satisfy both lovers lovers that Gibson Fender.
You can play the blues rock, rock 70's, funk and even jazz. I have never been as versatile guitar, but it is above all the bluesmen and rocker sduira it (it is unbeatable in this style).
Note that the guitar offers beuacoup sustain which is rare for a telecaster.


The guitar seems straight out of a time warp as it offers sound, feel, the look of the era.
A guitar worthy finish Custom Shop, I repeats it's better than what may offer telecaser American Standard, the more it is more versatile. If you play blues rock, classic rock, I suggest you take the TV 72 '. For the country, it will also thanks to its key maple that gives clean sounds good slamming on the bridge pickup. I urge you to try the 2 in store and I am ready to bet that you will leave with TV 72 'as it is a total Russianness.