Fender Custom Shop 2012 '61 Relic Custom Telecaster
Fender Custom Shop 2012 '61 Relic Custom Telecaster

Custom Shop 2012 '61 Relic Custom Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender.

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arnosolo 06/17/2014

Fender Custom Shop 2012 '61 Relic Custom Telecaster : arnosolo's user review

«  Mojo and its »

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Tele Custom Shop, super finishing and binding makes the originality of custom Tele.
Twisted Tele pickups specific.
Vintage guitar in mind, with the Mojo but without the modern conveniences (no locking tuners, no noiseless pickups, etc).


Quite late innings, varnishes, profile C, very nice especially for the game thumb on top. Very light guitar (ash body)
For the rest, it's very classic Tele. Purchased impeccably set, great sustain, easy to play.


Magic, especially the neck pickup: the twang of the Tele with a little more roundness and warmth somewhere between TV and strat. Plus a fairly high level of output (for a tele, it is not in EMG) which allows cruncher amp (Marshall JVM) on the clean channel, in short, happiness.
The bridge pickup is sharp without being garish, well-defined clear sound with distortion, with a good level of output to cruncher amp again. But I play mostly on position 2, which adds a little lower midrange and below, top for rhythm.


Played for 6 months, this has become my number one, a lot of character. Chosen after trying quite like Tele (G & L, Fender Custom shop other ...). Bought in NYC, thus substantially cheaper prices FR.
Expensive, but for which the budget is well worth it from my point of view.