Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster

Road Worn '50s Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Road Worn Telecaster series.

trevellin 02/05/2011

Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster : trevellin's user review

«  Good and beautiful guitar! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
it's a TV made in mexico (written on the butt).
the principle of worn road is to offer customers who ekes out a living instrument artificially aged and suggesting that we are going to buy a vintage instrument prices more than reasonable. (that's my point glance at least!)
for the bridge and is the standard telecaster bridge with 3 saddles (there is better, on 6 bridges!).
the neck is maple 1-piece profile in "C" well worn artificially (frankly very bad for a relic!) has 21 frets and the one I played was flamed maple with beautiful veins ...
the frets are 21 in number is is "narrow jumbo.
mics, 2 single-coil Fender Tex Mex.
settings, those for telecaster Pardis! ; A volume, tone and selector opposite to that of a stratum, and when you're in position "hose" is the bridge position is a bit .... anything for me ... but hey, it has the merit of not resting on its laurels!


The neck is super nice, and besides, I find that there is not to hard to play on it!
since I played on a telecaster, I always thought it was a guitar made for the rhythmic than anything else because there's such a comfort for playing an agreement that it is almost Obviously!
I found very good ergonomics, easy to play even for an old grater invented it over 60 years!
weight; frankly, nothing to say!
Surprising as it may seem, I really had no problem with access to the latest frets, I understand is why guitarists like Ritchie Kotzen (although it has his signature model in strato now) and the greg koch have chosen!
in sound; well, that's the typical sound of a telecaster (which does not mean anything I should!, because it is better to try in store for realizing !) was a grain much rock on the mic is limited to serious and doors of jazz, the selector in the middle, one reaches the funky rhythmic feature with this beautiful grain, and the microphone is keen for me the rub of this guitar, the sound is narrow and medium, I think, that I will use it rather for rhythmic country to take part.
if not, no problem!
frankly it sounds pretty even for a musician like me, who swears by almost double coils ...


This guitar is, unfortunately, not intended for metal and rock well saturated in which I play with my band now.
rather it is a guitar made for playing fine rhythmic funky, almost jazzy and rather country-rock, but no more in my opinion ...
good, I plugged in a Blackstar HT-20 and can play anything with this amp so it is not as impartial trial ...
I liked the sound acid when playing fingers, I think the sound is better; recovering the grave was missing when I played with a pick ..
but for the sounds; back to top of this paragraph.


I've tried that this afternoon, so it does not belong to me!
I tried it before too many guitars, at least, it has the merit of knowing just sounds different on different configurations of stringed instruments ...
I love the most, the general appearance of aged, great mechanics, the flamed maple neck on the model I played mechanics vintage rose color, it really believes it!
sounds fine, the rhythmic and funky country, the ability to play solos comfortably in the treble, the old appearance of the handle, the price balances to milonga; € 749 (but I know you can find it cheaper elsewhere!).
I like the least, this is not a strong instrument for rock, metal and saturated!, microwave sharp and that's it!
I find the value discount because we buy this instrument for his money (even I myself get caught by the vintage look of the TV road worn!) and it is an instrument that delivers a grain that if you're a fan of the brand, telecaster or even a novice like me, you can not appreciate, of course, if one wants something else out, touch and change the settings for microphones have more body, but afterwards he must know what you want and why you buy this instrument ...
For my part, I liked that telecaster!
from there to buy, there is not one that I am able to cross a single head shot!
say it!

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