Fender Special Edition TC-90 Thinline
Fender Special Edition TC-90 Thinline

Special Edition TC-90 Thinline, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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elrond06 05/04/2005

Fender Special Edition TC-90 Thinline : elrond06's user review


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Then for the characteristics, the guitar is made in Korea (although I find the perfect finish, no particular default).
The body is frne, with oue on the upper part (which is hollow), two colors: ivory white, or black / cherry burst (it is this that I dernire possde , with a nice DGRAD from black on the side to a red translucent, revealing veins of drinking, the most beautiful effect).

The handle, varnish, is al. It has 22 jumbo frets with a rosewood fingerboard.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan SP90 (for vintage and custom handle for the bridge), the single coils are large with a big gain. A 3-position selector (bridge - bridge + neck - neck), volume, and tonality are the complter lctronique. The bridge is fixed and quite vintage (like those found on the gibson LP).

mechanics the bridge and the volume buttons / Tone are chrome smoke (dark gray glossy)

I put 7 / 10, with the top t have a beautiful flamed maple top .. but hey, what price you can not have it all.


While the handle is quite enjoyable, it is varnished, fast enough, but the guitar is not for raids range 200km / h. CHAC is excellent for acute because the handle is stuck and there is not imposing on the heels of the junction with the body. It is a trs-like handle that found on the stratum gnral. lgrement rounded off and not trs.

The frne n'tant not too heavy a wood, and the fact that the upper body is hollow, the guitar is extremely lgre, it tends amme "nodding" when plays upright. Lergonomie trs is good, although the volume knob up and selector also falls easily to hand.

Two microphones, a three-position selector and Tone aisment can find enough good sound without having to spend hours trying a multitude of positions.

I put a 8 / 10 of this chapter, not much wrong.


For sonoritz, then the attack is interesting chapter. We sail with a fender body frne dig in, and picros sually found on Gibson semi-hollow. Your exact: its a fairly round, good prsence in the low regardless of the configuration of microphones. It's pretty basic, the neck pickup gives a powerful sound in the bass bridge pickup, a more crystal-clear highs with more support, the combination of two microphones is excellent for fine rhythmic rock n'roll. It is fat enough as a whole. Please note, microphones, although qu'tant simple, have a standard potato. Nothing to do with a single coil mounted on a Stratocaster. With the same SETTING THE gain on your amp, you will end up with a slight crunch. But it's pretty fun.
The distorted sounds are of good quality with a good seed, especially using the neck or bridge pickup alone. That said, it's not a quitar to play the heavy. It happens, but hey, a whistle goes with too much gain.
Note that the guitar sounds as well trs empty, it's not bad to practice without waking the house.

Finally, a guitar very kind blues / rock, but hey, given the prsentation, should not expect anything else, that said, a little funk and punk rhythm in a saturated goes well trs even when.

A good 8 / 10 for sound. It sounds good trs, trs versatile but it's not (otherwise it'll have been 9)


So I use it for the past 6 months. I bought it originally because I wanted to do covers of rock n'roll. It has rev nice sound. What made me the DCID dpart, when I try, it is the fawn she restored the bass, and balance of microphones. I also use a Charvel / Jackson solid body and I feel I'm missing a bass string against the fender.
The ratio quality price is simply outstanding. But the delivery times are long trs.
Before buying it, I also tried a cort with hollowed body .. no photo. The, with Seymour, it's all good. The only BMOL is the quality of the knobs (volume crackles a bit, but hey, it's not well mchant, and refers especially saturated)
With experience, this price level, I do it again the same choice without hsitation.