Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005]

Standard Telecaster [1990-2005], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Telecaster series.

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gratteur du dimanche 01/29/2004

Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005] : gratteur du dimanche's user review


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Mexican Manufacturing

Alder body (or poplar) light, a simple board with a timeless profile

rather thin neck, satin maple (available with rosewood fingerboard)

two single coil pickups
- Neck pickup with chrome cover (lipstick)
- Simple black pickup posed through non-adjustable pads

color artic white (slightly cream-white, color classic model) the best effect

Independent adjustable bridges
the strings through the body


Nice but I prefer to handle more polish

effective and accessible settings do not interfere the game

almost ideal ergonomics would be perfect if the angles were rounded acute attacks
small imbalance side handle provide a strap that will not slip


A guitar that does not suffer rough play
the sounds are highly precise, highly defined, incisive and allow a great expressiveness
side of the coin, the smallest error is transcribed

the sound is characteristic of all known

the sound is less "thick" as a United States .... if we look good ...


For a price below € 600 would be no need to purchase a United States which is twice

The Mexico is very similar view better than the Highway 1 Series is in the € 800

for a lead guitar and if you are fan of this style of scratching one must rush to the United States Custom Shop, will take more than € 2800, but "there" you can feel the difference ....