Fender TL-52
Fender TL-52
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iamqman 12/31/2011

Fender TL-52 : iamqman's user review

« Still just as nice »

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One thing that I love about Fender telecaster is its ability to give you a very fluid and dynamic tone that when you strum it or pick it it gives a graceful brightly focused and dynamic tone. These guitars even though they are a Fender sound are quite different than the Fender Stratocaster guitars. They have a cleaner tone in a unique sustain all to theirselves. It has a sound that is inviting for many clean or country type music players. Because it has a clean shiny tone sounds good to be very dynamic and focused.


Vintage natural finish
Maple neck
1952 details include:
Domed volume and tone knobs
Aged nickel plated hardware with slot head screws
Black single ply pickguard with 5 screws
'50's style Fender decal
Round string tree
3 saddle adjustable bridge
Barrel pickup selector knob


The guitar sound fantastic and pretty much anything that you put them. They don't really do that well at drop tunings or any type of modern metal sounds. However they sound great from clean amplifiers all the way up to medium gain amplifier settings. If you use a lot of effects these guitars are quite dynamic and their tone with people who have a complex effects setup. So if you use things like delays, flangers, or any of other modulation sound , these guitars will really highlight those sounds effects and it's very creative and soulful way. I really like these guitars when playing a good clean setting because it gives you that really spanky tone that makes you want to play with your fingers so much and not with your pick.


These guitar you can find for right around $1500 or so which is a great price for an Japanese built guitar. These instruments sound great in a recording studio as well as a live setting. No matter what the prices on these instruments the usually float around anywhere between 700 and $1300 used in new depending on the features and reissue specifications. I recommend these guitars to anyone who likes the sound of a good clean tone or maybe isn't to blues rock of some sort. These are great guitars if you're in the country music as well as indie rock music as well. Overall the fun instruments and they are a fun and rich part of music history.