Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster
Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster

Johnny Hallyday Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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Urashima_keitaro 08/20/2006

Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster : Urashima_keitaro's user review


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This telecaster "Mexico" has little to envy the U.S.!
A great design!
It has an additional micro (in the middle) that sounds pretty Start. selector proposes five positions that find the sound for you! The plate Rear estempillée "Johnny Halliday" will delight fans (especially the guitar is a limited edition of only 300 copies produced), for my part, I preferred to replace it with a smooth chrome plate more sober!
The mechanical and finish are impeccable!


Side use only of happiness! The handle thinner than a regular TV makes a fast game, freight type "jumbo" and allow for their excessive bends!
The guitar is well balanced but its weight handicaps a bit! Indeed, the plate is chrome metal here though (unlike the squier version that has a plastic plate), which significantly allourdi gear! So remember to take a little walk in the gym before trying this guitar!


Well, in terms of sound, my guitar is a bit special. Even if the microphones of Mexican origin are good bills, my instrument was kept as the middle strat typed. Indeed, I opted for a Seymour Duncan Little 59 (humbucker) for TV acute position that offers impeccable distortion (both style crunch as big a metal) and a clear lens. The micro serious meanwhile given way to a Seymour Duncan Antiquity (neck) that sends you over the moon! With him, do you take to Jeff Buckley without complexes, the sound recorder is a marvel!
For those who are interested in this configuration, please!


I use this guitar for over 8 months now and I must say that I am fully satisfied!
Beware however that according Larsens trend invite me a little too often.
Also prepare your rags "chamois" and your chrome polish to maintain because of the guitar work is at all times! trace of finger is reflected to 3 miles around!
I would conclude simply by saying that this guitar is really very good and has a relatively low cost. Do not hesitate to get you ... if you find more! ;)