Jim Reed Guitars Telecaster top Thinline
Jim Reed Guitars Telecaster top Thinline

Telecaster top Thinline, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Jim Reed Guitars.

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flo934 11/02/2005

Jim Reed Guitars Telecaster top Thinline : flo934's user review


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Made in Italy in the workshops Jim Reed.
22 frets, maple neck and down (at my request)
2 micros simple armonstrong kent
One volume, one tone and a three-position selector


The handle is very nice to me! I prefer the sleeves of fender telecaster I've tried.
Access to treble is good but nothing more.
Ergonomics is one of a telecaster ... but you get it!
Level by the cons, I love, and it's versatile!


This guitar is perfect for what I intended to play: rock!
I usually play on a Fender Twin Reverb amp, and I use a small multi digitech effect.
I get sound clear and sharp and incisive distos light! it has a tele in the hands! And I love ...!
Knowing that the three-position selector and tone are effective, allowing sounds to be a little more round .. but I use less of this guitar.

In addition, the model being "Thinline", this guitar has good sustain.


I've had 2 or 3 weeks now.
I love his aesthetic, with the hearing (Thinline model)! I also appreciate enormously the sounds it gives me sharp, I had purchased for that!
For the value price of this guitar I put 10 without hesitation! For less than € 400 shipping and hard case I understand that scratching the hands: this is amazing!

Obviously this choice I would do today, and I advise everyone!