Squier Affinity Tele
Squier Affinity Tele

Affinity Tele, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

diss 10/08/2005

Squier Affinity Tele : diss's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar Asian manufacturing
2 single coil pickups
easel massive and solid (very close to the US model)
SETTINGS: Volume 1 tonalitbr 1 /> 3-position selector
Mapple handle


Handle very enjoyable (like all squier should be tried on a 15 to fall out of a good series "finishing + rglages"
Access in an acute ditto tele us
body thinner than a tele or Mexic lgre us longer (but not too much)
telecaster's "plug and play" slamming trs


I plugged into an Orange Crush 15R amp
I have a big sound that can be lacking sometimes in the gain medium
trs sound is close to the Mexican tele
I play knob personal background with selector in the middle


It's been two years since I played with
no problem finishing and no failure
I have tried many guitars and some Mexican telecaster Us
but I had no budget
excellent quality price (squier amlior since it is monitoring more than increased production by fender)
I do not regret that choice, but try to board 10 before buying one
(There are better series finished on the same model)