Squier Affinity Tele
Squier Affinity Tele

Affinity Tele, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

guido 06/20/2005

Squier Affinity Tele : guido's user review


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Made in China
21 frets
rglages: volume knob, and tonalitbr /> selector 3 positions (too big and poorly placed on the mound in wild rhythm, replace it with a selecteut of strata.)
cls inaccordables and trs dsaccordant fast ...
drglant easel is alone due to vibration (yes indeed)

5 because of the quality of matrial


Channel super-enjoyable (the best I got), end
Access in acute comfortable
ergonomics ... the edges of the guitar are not rounded like the stratocaster, less comfort
Guitar lgre both solid and
the sound is splendid, the twang of tl is the squier pickups but the lack of potatoes.
Trs good sustain


Ah the sound of the tlcaster ...
Coutes led zeppelin 1 and 2 ...

rhythm guitar crunch to its clear
well in arpges
trs well as in solos (most of my characters got a strat)
the bass sounds nice but not powerful trs.

good for the squier good sound but lacks some EHJV


I use it for 5 years
I love this guitar
I think changing to fit cls finally agreed, and microphones to save power

with more money, it is better to take us directly (highway), but for the price of dpart and with modifications honreuses too, we get for less than 500 euros a great guitar.

for 150 euros is the best!