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Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3G

Touch tablet from Apple belonging to the iPhone series

Thread [test] Apple iPhone: My iPhone is an 8-Track Recorder

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Topic [test] Apple iPhone: My iPhone is an 8-Track Recorder
The iPhone is a great little piece of machinery. It can do anything! What's the weather going to be like in Chicago tomorrow? At what time does Police Academy 17 run again? 7:20pm. A Bomberman game? No problem-o. Lady Gaga's latest hit? You got it. We're just missing some useful tools for musicians... Are you kidding? They are already here.

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good article. for some reason people are apprehensive about embracing this as a recording tool. i have to say the only reason i kept mine was for it's midi control and recording capabilities.
you should include a few things.
firstly beatmaker. this program is of superior quality as a sampler. this is so far the best app to come out of 3rd party dev.
also, the need for and review of more dock connecting mics. this would be useful.
and maybe address the effects issues. see how much the platform can handle. could you imagine having amp modeling in one of the 4 track or 8 track programs?
and a swinging metronome? you sit down at a drum kit, put the phone on your lap with stereo mics, headphones and metronome on, record the drum track. then with high quality modeling within the program plug in your guitar, monitoring the output, and records your tracks.
that is portable recording and a fantastic tool for making demos.

what i myself would like to see most is apple opening up the dock to a midi keyboard. the iphone is already capable of producing excellent polyphonic midi/synth patches, but your only option is to use the onscreen keyboards. making the programs themselves totally unrealistic and nothing more than a toy. however, an external key board would make a portable midi studio a reality. i would love to be able to walk down the hall to my neighbors to play with a full band with nothing more than my phone and a 61 key keyboard, or smaller even for traveling. synths, organs, keys, everything you need.

i really hope more people start discussing these issues and create an atmosphere of innovation surrounding the platform. this has had unbelievable potential for the past few years and i am dumbfounded that the amateur recording scene hasn't jumped at it more.
Nice write-up, Red Led!!

epignosis567, you can be assured that there are various excited discussions going on about this amazing new trend in "portastudio" technology on mobile platforms in general and the iPhone in particular - I found my way here from a discussion on LinkedIn that provided a link to this original article.

This emerging platform, enhanced by the ingenuity of app developers, is potentially so disruptive that it is no surprise that there is a delayed reaction to its possibilities. I can imagine that there is feverish discussion and activity going on in several R&D departments on how to keep up with the trend and even "push the envelope" further out...

For casual users of iPhone recording (dictaphone-type use) there is also the splendid (though more expensive) FiRe Field Recorder by Audiofile Engineering which is highly regarded by broadcasting engineers in the audio field. Even the inbuilt iPhone 3G-S microphone and 3.x voice recorder app also come in for some praise for signal response and characteristics by the same group.

In addition to Sonoma's  FourTrack app (which I use) and Yudo's 8-track RecTools08Pro there is also the MultiTrack app by harmonicdog which boasts no less than SIXTEEN (16) TRACKS (sorry for howling here, but I'm still lifting my jaw off the ground and wiping it clean after downloading and using this app, LoL).

I mean, whatever next? Well naturally, inbuilt FX loops, sequencing and sampling (as has already been pointed out here). The idea of a keyboard controller is highly attractive (Belkin's TuneStudio for iPod is already the first external 4-channel audio mixer) and surely can't be far away.

What privileged times we are living in, we lovers of hi-tech, music and creativity...