Millenium LST-250
Millenium LST-250

LST-250, Truss, Rigging and Stage from Millenium.

dj charle jean 03/09/2011

Millenium LST-250 : dj charle jean's user review

«  Do not buy! »

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two since I was 2 months.

Most: forgiveness most?? For this product no I do not see at all!

Minimum: = SO) no stability!
With a little galley load lifted and worse when the other telescopic tube that follows it up!
Even the vacuum tube has burst strength!
I put the bar on foot could not be removed even two!
A screw clamping tubes to release my first assembly of plastic crap!
The bolts are too long, having to dismantle my dough setting lyres to pass the front bolts and then the feet, 1 to 2 cm below would be a plus!
If you serve too many screw which clamps the tube nut on the other side is the male! AND J IN PAST !!!!!!

at the same time for 29 th what art do you want? I'm the shit to buy two at once!

Too expensive for this shit!

Surment not! I'll sell them very soon for a cheap-foot winch!