Ampeg R-212R
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tom66 07/24/2008

Ampeg R-212R : tom66's user review


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Amp 5OW all lamps manufactured in 99, two channels, reverb, effects loop, two inputs (high and low impedance), 2 HP 12 inches. This series is no longer produced but the series Blue Diamond is clearly very close, and look at the component level.


Extremely simple setup, plug, play and it sounds live.


A bomb! There are not 36 different sounds, actually has a y '. But which one! He has a singing and musical side, it gives a beautiful color. Originally it develops 50Watts, which gives it a huge margin in the clean sounds: the sound is crystalline even at unreasonable volumes (and the original configuration, the clear sound at high volume is one of the best that I 'I've heard tube amps from the mid-range: hot rod, classic 30, marshalls etc). I made mine in Retube 6V6, which has the effect of dropping the power 20Watt: missing the beautiful clear sound, but for the blues-rock that I am upset I have gained by the change: when I play volume repeats the crunch, it gives a wonderfully messy results with double coils of my Italia Maranello. And whatever the guitar I always comment on my packed sound.

The reverb unit was very successful, but a spring let go and I had to put the reverb of a Marshall Valvestate lying. It sounds but no more.


I use it for more than two years and I had the opportunity to play a lot of amps of this type. It is as personal opinion but I think it surpasses by far. And what a mouth he with his checkered Tolex grille and bright!

Otherwise we have to admit that it is sometimes capricious, it is rather slow to heat and it sounds not always the same, the same place and with the same settings (but the sound is beautiful every time). In short, a living amplifier. I also had a problem with taking the footswitch to change channels every turn. A small welding and it's done. Plus the history of reverb, it's still a lot, but sound like it is the discount price is then y 'savings after candles were made that it is on!