Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo
Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo

BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackheart Engineering.

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Jean-François à Châteaubriant 08/04/2012

Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo : Jean-François à Châteaubriant's user review

«  they missed the box!! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
tube amp etc. ... read the full description for further notice.
simple and efficient in terms of equalization,
the hp is not bad,
not too heavy and very cheap especially secondhand.
electronics is of good quality,


Very easy to use it is in rock, it comes out well in the mix and it does not compress too much for a lamp. The crunch is nice but the bottom drive is quite ugly, drooling in this serious and screams too acute.
should at least change the lamp preamp and if possible two EL84 power
BUT READ THE FOLLOWING CAR get a good sound is easy, using it is nearly impossible!


In fact it should not really what I do, but I took it to something else just to find out the rock! that's enough for what I did but finally my jc50 with good pedal I like more.
no fat sound in there, so that net slice meat, but ideally in a group dedicated to the genre. home at very low volume may be very weak. In all cases metal fans forget! it is for blues rock punk (for the funk is without reverb and too aggressive in my opinion);
REPEAT stage or the noise level is good. 7 w in it's prettier and more usable I think we can push ... and there is an accident!


makes a significant vibration is present between G flat and A flat!
we talk enough about the forums and even RAT (which customizes the Blackheart) clearly recommeded to "stay far away from the combo ..." This comes from a stripping or total body design yet is made with good materials. we find it easily on the web in French or English. I am surprised that no notice that fact.
I tried everything to correct ... no avail.
this is very annoying, I had to make a head and a separate subwoofer for use, the sudden interest of the combo is gone!


1 year
and I is in its head + cabinet at home. (It was a way station tsf head and it decorates the living room and more) but we forget the reverb plug and play to mumuse in his armchair ... it's still rock, shame.
the sound is fine but suddenly I can not use it in rock stuff or cafes because it is precisely to avoid having to buy a mesa or to lug a head and a cabinet that I bought this amp. I can not sell it, and indeed if he helps out for work in more than look pretty in her new look, I regret this purchase.
If you see one secondhand and you play a little seriously, go your way, and if you voullez this at all costs Take his head and a cabinet or combo w 5 from home.