Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo
Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo

BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackheart Engineering.

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DeathPaupiette 12/25/2012

Blackheart Engineering BH15-112 Handsome Devil Combo : DeathPaupiette's user review

«  YUM! »

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It is an all-tube, 15 or 7 watts, 2 EL84 power and one 12AX7 preamp in, plus a correct transistor.
Single channel. Volume, drive, 3-band EQ, presence.
Integrated No effect. Eminence 12 "specially inscribed for Blackheart, different inputs to connect a cab. Note that weighs a fucking dead donkey (about 21 kgs, I do not know if this is due to lights and if it is particularly unique in this line of amps, but from a Vypyr 15W wooden crate with a bowl 8 ", I feel the difference ...).
No effects loop, sorry.


Given the settings, the config is super simple plug 'n play. I have not looked at the manual at the same time it is not facing the Roadking II level settings ...
Good sound is subjective, but in my opinion yes it has and easy!


So let it be said at once: with this amp, no distortion thrust! We arrive at a maximum overdrive rock and very hot, but more saturated we can play on it must be Black Sabbath, while my guitar has EMG (60X and 81X). I took it for its clear sound, which I find just divine: hot, you can feel the lamps and the HP 12 ". Lowland are present but very defined.
In my desire to jazzy at the same time this is why I chose it! So we pass a dull and deep clean a much brighter, even if I do not reach the brilliance of a Fender (at the same time saw my config microphones). There is headroom, depth, treble are never garish ... I love it!
Once you go up the gain but also the volume, there is a hot desire crunch, a bit fuzzy ... Yum, perfect for the styles I do not play at all (classic rock, etc..), But very nice nonetheless.
For Metal, I glue a MXR Fullbore Metal, and how to say ... is the butcher ... one huge headroom, a warm and powerful, precise and surgical, typing in all styles of Metal.
Note that the difference between the 7W and 15W is quite blatant in 7W sound slightly veiled, it loses slightly serious and acute and it seems to me that the amp compresses a little more.


What I love: - you can feel the quality workmanship, the box in Tolex
- HP 12 "
- The clear
- Switchable power (very playable apartment)
What I like least: - the weight
- The absence of loop
- It vibrates when I play a C, anywhere on the sleeve, I think this is a fault on mine, I'll contact Blackheart / my dealer and see what there is to do, I will publish more later.

Like most of my reviews, I will edit and return it by the feelings and the evolution of this amp as my optimism can turn ^ ^