BT amp Oldschool
BT amp Oldschool

Oldschool, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from BT amp.

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Joe-Rhys 06/22/2014

BT amp Oldschool : Joe-Rhys's user review

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this is a nice tube amp made in home! ah! ah!
were, from left to right, the input jack, switch 2 positions for channel selection (light or crunch), gain, bass, treble and volume to the crunch part, and the clean channel part, volume, bass and treble and ends with a blinding white light that the amp is on and a switch for turning on the amp.
for the rear, I have not looked ....
this is all a 40w lamps.


for me it is a very easy to use and amp suits me here!
I have not seen nor read the manual ...
this was a boutique amp made in ain Bourg en Bresse and this is a good thing!
I liked the sound because it made me think the fender hot rod ...


I enjoyed this amp.
I do not remember a great clear sound, so I'll talk about the popping sound that I liked; simply, this is really good!
this is not a high gain monster either, but saturation was really waiting for you!
I played with an elite LTD horizon III and sent hither well!


I tried it on Saturday and I enjoyed the sound and "vintage" look.
for the amps I've tried, see my review ...
what I love most; the "vintage" look, a quality amp homegrown, ease of use, its saturated.
I did not like; Price (€ 1,600), having to stop to play it on! ah! ah!
I think this amp is designed for lovers of vintage rock view of hard-rock, and that in view of the posted price, you better love it!