L3K 10/05/2011

Bugera V5 : L3K's user review

«  mini-amp maximum pleasure »

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2 lamps, one 12AX7 preamp and an EL84 power


Very simple, you die ..


the tube is the tube, who does not know will die without knowing true happiness.


Taking it out of its box this morning I fell in love ... and allowing 2 minutes to heat the tubes, I thought that I would hear the sound by plugging my guitar first Chinese prices.

And? pleasant surprise, the clean sound is bold and colorful with a tube amp ... and gain by pushing the button, you get exactly what we seek: a crunch too saturated and heavy at will.
Do not hesitate to move the buttons that hide and reverb tone of pleasant surprises.
The attenuator is almost too nice ... no need to push the same volume V5 of 0.1 W, in an apartment, it will be according to age and the mentality of your neighbors, it is imperative to take volume of the guitar for the "good" saturated sound or not we are looking for.
It was the last stock when I ordered it, and I am very glad received .. more for that price: 220Fr Swiss postage included, nothing to say except that I'm super motivated to work my last guitar with this little to erode V5.Il jewelry is beautiful, kind, and with character, thank you for a tool that made this quality at this price. It's 10/10 for me without any hesitation.

Now I'll see what I provided with my pedal Zoom G7 multi UT1.