Carvin V3212
Carvin V3212
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hovig 03/30/2010

Carvin V3212 : hovig's user review


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So here we are on an amp while lamps 100/50 W
3 channels + boost (all channels can benefit)
2 loops (one / / and a series)
line output with speaker simulation for (not XLR (but it already although it is ca ...)
Fully controllable via MIDI
No effect

Each channel has volume, gain, bass, meds, treble, presence
channels drives have a 2 position switch and a switch EQX 3 positions: thick, center, intense


Setting tough but it is not surprising
I have not the manual
the sound is there and it can soften any clash as we
but the low volume setting VS High volume is different for a good sound!


Jazz, blues, funk all that is clean; nag Metal, progressive, death, rarely black, but with a mid cut 15h no pb ...

that thing made me everything in one go I did not understand at first but I'm getting used as a measure and
The distortion is fat but rather directed completely mastered the solo well articulated position "intense"
I have not tested all possible clean XD colder than the hot crunchy there's no harm possibilities ...

the only downside that I have found is that to have his death I have to push the gain to 3 / 4 where a powerball, I was 3 / 10 so yes in fact the black c is still limited (can be changed after the lights apparently, but I'm not where I need too ...)

for now I like all good but with time I probably would find the limits of this amp ...
oh yeah also channels 1 and 2 (saturated) are substantially the same and I did not really understand why, even if the switch allows us to obtain a sound radically different ... Finally it gives me a negative point because I would have liked a crunch crunch and not too much hassle just to get a crunch channel with 2 ...

Finally, still in the end I really loved the repeat that I did with, I had a good and well defined in the midrange and highs in the lower perfect because they are real low puff that does not include frequencies bass (instrument) and the power to 3 / 10 ... is just low enough to keep the battery without eating (all with 2 Hp 75T) == well at home, again in excellent ... to see on stage!


I use it for a few weeks
yes I have tried many high-end stuff: Dual Rectifier and duotone (mesa 4x12), which mainly are really great and I once tried the powerball on a mesa 4x12 and I admit that the distortion is whousshhh live XD where you really have too much hassle for the V3 to get what they want (like mesa elsewhere), I would have liked to test the TriAmp but not had the opportunity ...

The big plus of this amp == baffle portion is completely closed pretty cool huh? and I know what you mean 7-ply hardwood, but I want to know!
least once more: it's hard to create the sound you want, all knob react much

I have not yet experienced this amp and I have not tested the output line, I smell the edict all ...

will see the price on the carvin site, I really do not want to talk about the price of this amp Phew that rivals the largest in terms of quality, workability, strength? (we'll) realism!

All this is only my opinion and it is quite possible that this is only the opinion of a person just very pleased to have his new toy ... I will publish when I faced the dual rectification directly!

But for now: 8 / 10