Carvin V3212
Carvin V3212
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Flex le groove 10/18/2008

Carvin V3212 : Flex le groove's user review


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I let you go on the carvin site (in English) for details.

Basically, it's all lamps (5 - 12AX7 Groove Tubes ™ and 4 - EL34 matched Groove Tubes ™)
Power: 50 watts or 100 (there is a switch)
2 hp 12p
Amp fully controllable via a MIDI foot controller (included)
3 channels, one clean and two distortion,
EQ on each channel and each channel has 3 modes (similar to a grinding)
3 master volume.
2 effects loops (one serial and one parallel)
2 extra HP port
The amp is very complete in terms of connectivity, possible configuration etc ...


Very easy to use as each amp for that matter.

Get a good sound? uh .... there are so many possibilities .... but with time ca be possible. I have not had the time and patience to find what I'm looking like his.
Test conditions:
I give this amp pigalle (in "universal guitars") under the conditions store. That is, low volume (not good to try an amp of this power which is more lamps) and a seller who seemed to find the product along with me.


I practice the metal ( / swattmusic ( ) ) but I play other styles as well (a little jazz, rock)

I try with a 10,077 RG7 xl.

Sound clear: it is good input, warm, clean, well-rounded. In addition it is very flexible to improve ....9/10.

Then I wanted to see what he proposed as a distortion for my metal: I did not like. I like clean sounds, which does not overflow, but very precise and sharp as offering the same trunk.
Here, the trunk seems to be (see test conditions), the precision as well (ditto) but there was a side "cradingue" a little fat (see the conditions in my opinion) that I disliked.
It should be possible to find happiness with this amp but it will take patience. So 6 / 10

Because of its moidularité, the V3 is a versatile amp.

There is a demo version of the corp head over to the amp (video on the site of carvin)

and other samples:


So it was a test of a quarter of an hour too short, but at least it will exist.

I try the same conditions another amp: the Brunetti MC2.
It convinced me .... unfortunately not the carvin.

To summarize, I have not had any favorite though for 1900 euros pigalle (1499 euros for German sites) we have:
- A comprehensive amplifier,
- Providing a lot of possibilities,
- With a damn good clean channel
- That is, to my taste, not to settle for hollowing THE sound
- And leaves doubt on the question: "is it possible to have a good sound disto?"

"But what style?" How about me: for all that is metal I think so.

I therefore call on who can and will want to go try to expand the view, the Carvin V3 combo.