Carvin Vintage 33
Carvin Vintage 33
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brui2fon 10/19/2009

Carvin Vintage 33 : brui2fon's user review


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It is an all-tube combo 1x12 50W (4 x 5 x 12AX7 and EL84). Made in USA.
The construction is robust and inspires confidence. All that was built to last!

It displays a decidedly vintage look with its coating type tweed Fender Bassman.
It is quite compact with its 48 cm wide by 42 high.

Connectivity of that expected for a product of this range, namely: a front input jack, effects loop, footswitch and line out the back. There is also a second speaker output on the back with adjustable impedance (4, 8 Ohms).
A button and a standby / off.
It has two channels: a clear, a saturated.
For each channel, separate EQ TREB, MID, and BASS and VOLUME. For channel saturated, there is a gain setting that is called SOAK. There is a common reverb to both channels.
In short, this is an amp that provides comprehensive settings.


Nothing special to say. What is an amp!
This is the 50 W amp: Beware the ears!
In the apartment, should not exceed 1 count on the volume control.
As the good stuff, even at low level, the sound is splendid.
As a group, as he tears without having to push down.


the clean sound is superb. We can even connect an electro-acoustic and get a sound that approaches the acoustic amps. Really good!
The reverb is fantastic. Compared to other spring reverb (I tested the VOX AC15 notament) means no "boing" no sound "water". According to the manual (in English), Guitar Player Magazine described the spring reverb as the best in the market.
No need to go through 10: for 2 reverb is very long and extends neatly. Splendid!

The popping sound is typical of vintage sounds. Adept distos METAL, on your way.
It reminds me of his early AC15, Marshall Plexi or even the 70s when the SOAK is cranked. <img src="" alt=">" /> Global Reviews <img title="10/10" src="" alt="10/10" />


This amp is located in the range of combos 50W 800/900 euro nine (competitor: the ENGL Screamer example)
It is found secondhand at 500 euros (it's really given), which is cheaper than the Peavey Classic 30 Vox AC15 CC1 and nine.
The Peavey is nice, but the Carvin is more powerful and delivers clear sound much richer. The Peavey has no standby button: damage to the lights!
VOX is also not bad, but it has a channel. And reverb is terrible.
In fact, this is not the same product range. Carvin is really luxury.
The Nomad 112 is an amp really high quality, comparable to the Fender and other top candidates.
Carvin but is not widely known in France ...

Chet Atkins and Jeff Beck, to name a few, played on Carvin.