Epiphone Galaxie 10
Epiphone Galaxie 10

Galaxie 10, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone.

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MGR/James 06/21/2003

Epiphone Galaxie 10 : MGR/James's user review

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Bought from Musicians Friend for $199.00. What caught my eye other than the fact that it's all tube was the cool retro look it has. Looks like it stepped right out of the '50s. Plus it's blue & I've never had a blue amp before.

O.K. Here we go(deep breath). I really like the fact that it's a tube amp. It came stock with a Celestion speaker(10") & Sovtec tubes(6L6 & 12AX7). It's rated at 10 watts but since it's tube powered it sounds much louder. It works well as a practice amp but I suppose it could do a small venue so long as the drummer can control him/herself.(Which mine cannot). The appearance is very noticable to say the least. Everyone that see's it loves it & once it gets crankin' they're suprised at how loud it actually is. Tone is pretty good with the stock tubes but I changed them out for more headroom.

It would've been nice if it had a reverb and maybe an "out" jack for the speaker so we could run different cabs from it. If you got to have reverb, get the Galaxie 25. It has reverb and a bit more power also. Personally, I can live without reverb and the "out" jack but still would've been nice.

Seems built well but with all tube amps it's going to need maintenence sooner or later.

For $200 you can't go wrong. I swapped the Sovtecs for a Svetlana power tube and a new style chinese preamp & couldn't be happier with the tone. Much better headroom & dynamics. Since I am a blues player, the smooth high-end rolloff was just what I was after. This is a great little amp for the money & with a Strat plugged in, it produces a really sweet tone.

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