Epiphone Valve Junior
Epiphone Valve Junior

Valve Junior, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone in the Valve series.

Kal 03/11/2012

Epiphone Valve Junior : Kal's user review

«  Limited but practical »

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Here we have on hand a nice little amp to 5W lamps as is fashionable in recent years, there is a lamp and a preamp power, so in Class A amplification (which corresponds to an amplification mode, not quality, as often want us to believe manufacturers maintaining a soft focus on that, "class A" does not mean good amp, but like many amps are Class A mythical, you know the rest. ..).

I do not know the type of lamps mounted above and HP, Epiphone has often changed it, probably for reasons that more industrial sound quality.

A single setting: the volume is not too complicated.


Configuration: bah is a button.

Manual: If there is one I have not read it.

Easily get a good sound: yes and no, considering its configuration very simple, it operates immediately the extent of its possibilities, that they are rather limited (but was not purchased for four channels at the bottom) .


This little amp is very convenient in-studio home studio, I bought it for this use.

In my opinion it is not well suited to group play, except maybe a few specific configs (semi-acoustic, small groups without a drummer ...)

Its main drawback: it lacks a bit of shine, that I correct in putting the pedals in front, and it supports poorly the low tuning (with HP 10 "it is not surprising).

Now it does what I want: it has served me initially taken to complete the guitar on an album I recorded, I missed one I bought her for, and since I often used.

By plugging in a few effects you can have a very decent sound, I put a tube screamer, fuzz, a simulation Boss Bassman, and playing on the volume to go nab the disto "natural" of the amp j 'almost always find the sound I want.

I like to push a little in his entrenchment, with the low power of 5W you can easily hear the abuse inflicted on the power section and HP.

His failure in this regard: the construction and improvement, and means for widgets which vibrate within, not practical to make a sound recording.


I bought it in 2009, trying some models of the same range but this one won.

This is a very nice to me quite a lot of galleys, but has some flaws: the HP is a fair bit and the construction is perfectible.

I think the Stack Model with a HP 12 "is still a little better, because the HP (and it avoids probably have this stuff that vibrate), it lacks a bit of gloss to be used without effect, unless this is clearly research.

Otherwise it is really super nice.