Epiphone Valve Junior
Epiphone Valve Junior

Valve Junior, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Epiphone in the Valve series.

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MGR/Aurin 05/12/2006

Epiphone Valve Junior : MGR/Aurin's user review

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I've been playing guitar for several years now, solely out of solid state combos -- Peavey Rage 158, Crate GX40C and a little unit I built (Second hobby: Electronics). I play only for myself, not in a band.

I purchased the Valve Jr. from Musicians Friend on sale for $99.00 -- and shipping was free. I thought that it would be a nice way to get into true tube sound and a great price. Since I don't play in a band it was perfect for in home playing.

I love the units look and feel -- it's got a classic styling and the covering is well put together.

Now to the best part - the sound. I was thinking that for $100 I was going to get something mediocre. Boy was I wrong. It's crystal clear until you crank it up, then you get a nice warm distortion reminicent of many old tube heads -- but of course not quite mimicking any. For bedroom/practice use I would say that this is a great unit. You could probably even do a small club with it and larger ones if they'll mike you. That isn't in my realm of experience though.

My sole complaint about this unit is that it doesn't have a headphone out jack. It's got three jacks in the back for 3 different ohm loads but no phones jack on the front =(.

This is built solidly -- It'll stand the test of time if you don't neglect it. There were no blemishes or scratches when I got it.

All in all this is a terrific purchase for the price, especially if you don't already own a tube head. After I buy a bass amp I'll probably purchase a second Valve Jr. as a backup -- or the next "size" up.

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